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Reading is DINOmite! Let’s celebrate. Join in thsese special activities Feb. 25-March 1.

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Meet Your CES Superheroes

superheroes group 1Chanute Elementary Students cheered for the superhero Ulysses as being their favorite character in the One School One Book they finished reading in January. Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes and they all have special gifts or talents.

At the closing assembly, 10 Chanute Elementary School superheroes were chosen to be recognized from among the hundreds of names nominated by the student body. As their gifts were read aloud, each came forward to get their cape and mask and be recognized as a CES Superhero.

Chosen were Hailey Ewert, Paeton Ellis, Kelsy Carroll, Chelsea Kropp, Carolyn Clark, Mavery Herman, Luke Fewins, Vicky Wang, Jan Brooksher and Tonya Auten.

Read the comments made about these CES Superheroes:superheroes group 2

Paeton Ellis helps other students get on the right bus, is kind and a leader at CES.

Hailey Ewert shares with others, talks quietly, does nice things for others in her class and is a good role model.

Kelsy Carroll, paraprofessional helps, helps, helps, helps us in the lunchroom, in the Great Room and takes the teacher’s place if they have to leave.

Carolyn Clark, food service, is lovable, smiles, says Hi and waves at everyone, makes good food so we don’t starve.

Chelsea Kropp, counselor, listens to student problems, makes people happy again, teaches how to not be mean, helps people through tough times and always smiles.

Mavery Herman always makes people smile, is sweet and kind to everyone, a very hard worker and tries to make everyone happy.

Vicky Wang helps other people, plays with me, is kind to others, is quiet and listens.

Luke Fewins helps other people, plays with students who are feeling left out and is a very nice boy.

Jan Brooksher, paraprofessional, loves kids, is super-duper nice to students and helps kids who need it.

Tonya Auten, paraprofessional, helps people, is kind and when she is needed she always comes and helps.


School Attendance – Let the Race Begin

The race among classes for perfect attendance begins this month. To be successful, it’s important for students be in school every day. To encourage that, CES Principals have established weekly, quarterly, semester and yearly rewards to encourage students to come to school every day.

Students who have perfect attendance all week are placed in a drawing for an extra recess on Friday. Five students from each grade level are chosen. Class attendance is recorded for the month along a race track, with trophies given to the best class attendance at each grade level. Rewards for perfect attendance for each quarter, semester, and for the entire year may include Sonic coupons, a pizza party, popsicles at the park or a Wal-Mart gift card for perfect attendance all school year.

Reminder: Doors do not open until 7:45am and no student is supervised until that time. It is not healthy for students to stand out in the weather prior to 7:45am so do not drop students off or let them walk to school prior to 7:45. This is still 45 minutes before the school day starts.

Community Happenings:

Meet Max Hendricksonces leadership team profile

Max Hendrickson said he learned about the school’s leadership team from a friend who lives nearby.

“He said it was a good learning experience and I thought it’d be fun to be on it,” Hendrickson said.

“I like it. It’s fun,” he said about the team of fifth graders who plan projects and serve students at CES.

One of the things he’d like to share with CES students is local history.

“I want to bring someone here to talk about the history of Chanute,” he said.

He’s also looking forward to collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House.

When he’s not at school, Hendrickson likes to play Xbox with his friends, or football and soccer outdoors.

Spending time with his friends, helping each other with chores is important to him.

“We’re always there for each other,” he said.




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