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In-School Dental Clinics coming to Chanute Elementary

Posted Date: 09/09/2019

In-School Dental Clinics coming to Chanute Elementary

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Working in partnership, Chanute Elementary School and Community Health Care of SEK is providing an

In-School Dental Clinic

Parents who want their children to receive dental services at CES need to return the Consent Form before they can be seen. These preventative services help prevent tooth decay. They include dental cleaning, sealants, SDF (strong fluoride put on cavities to help slow the decay process until a dentist can be seen) and fluoride varnish. Restorative care services include:  fillings, extractions, temporary fillings, exam, x-rays, stainless steel crowns, local anesthesia and space maintainers.  Parents insurance will be billed however if insurance does not pay then CHCSEK will not bill the parent/guardian.  If parents do not have any dental insurance then there is no charge.  

Parents who have a dentist in town that they see on a regular schedule do no need to return the consent form. Anyone with any questions or concerns should contact Communities In Schools Site Coordinator, Angie VanLeeuwen at Chanute Elementary School, 432-2530.

CHC-SEK Dental Services at CES

Preventative Services: Sept 30-Oct 4, Oct 7-10,

April 6-10 and 13-17

Restorative Services: Sept. 30-Oct. 3 and Oct.7-10

Consent Form Required

(2 pages)

Click below to download the form in English:

Click below to download the form in Spanish:

Or contact the school, 432-2530, for a copy to be sent home with your child.