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CES teachers encourage parents to read with their children over the summer

Posted Date: 05/24/2019

CES teachers encourage parents to read with their children over the summer

The reading teachers at Chanute Elementary School want children to read over the summer months, but more importantly they want parents to read with their children.

Reading aloud to children at home helps them develop a larger vocabulary, a longer attention span, better listening skills and a solid reading foundation, the teachers say.

boys check out books to readRecent research from the Kids & Family Reading Report by Scholastic shows that the percentage of parents reading to their three- to five-year-olds has increased since 2014. However, when children turn five or learn to read, the numbers drop.

Parents can help by encouraging their children to read anything from a comic book to a cereal box to a how-to book on running a tractor, the teachers say. Make reading aloud fun by creating voices for all the characters in the book.

The reading teachers organized a book giveaway the last week of school. Children in each class made a trip to the cafeteria stage where they perused tables covered in books before picking one to take home and read this summer.signing thank you card

Encouraging students to read over the summer is their goal. Research by Reading Is Fundamental has shown that children, who do not read over the summer, can lose as much as 22 percent of their reading level.

The teachers also passed out information about the Summer Reading Program at the Chanute Public Library. Children who participate in the program, and keep reading, earn rewards and those who finish 20 books before the program ends get to attend the Summer Reading Program Party.

As the students left the cafeteria, they signed a wall card, thanking the school principals for buying the books for them to read at home and keep.