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Second graders celebrate with publishing party

Posted Date: 01/24/2019

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It’s not unusual for second graders to celebrate with a skating party or pool party, but a publishing party? Yet, that’s girl reads book to classmateswhat Dairlee Bideau’s class was doing Tuesday with their writing coach at Chanute Elementary School.

The Chapter I reading teachers at CES also serve as writing lab teachers for students in grades K-2.  Julie Thompson works with several kindergarten classes and Bideau’s second grade class. They meet once every four days to work on writing skills, sentence structure and punctuation. With her second graders, she decided to help them compile their letters to Santa and create a book.

“This was a fun project. They learned so much about the parts of the book,” Thompson said.

They also “found out that publishing a book is a big deal because it’s a lot of work. They really got to see what an author has to go through before they become published,” she added.

The publishing company sent the papers the students needed to use for their letters and drawings.

All the writing had to be with a pen “which is something new for them,” Thompson said. “Then all the coloring was with a marker. They were very nervous about that.”thompson's writing lab students

With the arrival of the finished work, “Letters to Santa 2018,” the students celebrated with cookies and drinks, then took turns reading their part of the book aloud or have Thompson read for them.

Look at the punctuation in this one, she said, showing how one girl used periods and exclamation points. Those symbols told me exactly how to read it.

The company provided one copy of the book to Bideau, which she will check out to the students. Parents were also allowed to order copies of the book.