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Haunted Gym's popularity hasn’t faded with time

Posted Date: 11/02/2018

CES students roll on scooters through stacks of Styrofoam 'bones'The re-creation of Chanute Elementary’s “Haunted Gym” each year has taken place longer than the district’s PE teachers can remember. It may even date back to Rexine Spencer’s and Jeff Williams’ time. What they do know is that it remains popular even with today’s elementary children.

This week the students enjoyed the “seasonal fun” while gettng some exercise swinging on a rope  bowling down ghosts, racing scooters through stacks of bones, crawling through the giant spider web and navigating their way through the bat cave.

“It’s their favorite thing. School starts and they’re asking, ‘When’s the Haunted Gym,’” PE teacher Clete Frazell said.

“We’ve changed several stations because something doesn’t work. You think something is going to be awesome and then it isn’t,“ PE teacher Zack Murry added. But “there is a core of four to five stations you have to have.”

One of those is the bat cave that varies from year to year depending on the number of refrigerator or furniture boxes they can round up.

“If we have more boxes we can create dead ends,” Murry said.

Boy swings on rope over imaginary snake pitA definite favorite is  the “snake pit” between two stacls of wrestling mats that the students swing over on a rope attached to the ceiling.

There is also a race on scooters between a course framed with Styrofoam “bones.” Some days they do away with the track and the students build towers of bones, lay down and become body scooters, knocking down the towers as they run through them.

”The kids like it quite a bit,” Murry said.

They crawl, run, throw, sweep, jump, laugh—and release a lot of energy in the process. They may even like it better than candy!