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Chanute Elementary holds book giveaway

Posted Date: 05/24/2018

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Chanute Elementary holds book giveaway

School may be over, but reading for fun has just begun.

The Chanute Elementary chapter I reading teachers organized a book giveaway the last week of school so every student would start the summer with a book to read at home.

Encouraging students to read over the summer is their goal. Research by Reading Is Fundamental has shown that children who do not read over the summer can lose as much as 22 percent of their reading level.

Parents can help by encouraging their children to read anything, from a comic book to a cereal box to a how-to book on running a tractor, said teacher Julie Thompson.

Each student was also given a bookmark and brochure of summer reading ideas, a list of recommended authors, websites where they can read online and information about the summer reading program at the Chanute Public Library.

“Research says that if children choose the book, they are more likely to read it,” teacher Karen Vallier said. That is why the reading teachers ordered hundreds of books to spread across three tables on the cafeteria stage. As each class arrived, the teachers helped the students “shop” for a book they might find interesting.

Thompson thanked the school administrators for their support of the giveaway and for finding the funds to purchase the books, so there is a choice for every child.

“Between this program and the One School One Book program, our kids are building a library of their own at home,” Vallier said.

Story By: Connie Woodard