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Pop tab collection goal raised for final week

Posted Date: 04/19/2018

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Pop tab collection goal raised for final week

Chanute Elementary students have a habit of exceeding Principal Eric Hoops’ expectations. In a fundraising campaign to raise Pennies for Patients last fall, they raised well over their goal every week. This spring they decided to collect pop can tabs.

His leadership team of fifth graders had set a goal of collecting 25 pounds of pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House in three weeks. On Friday of the first week the bags of pop tabs gathered from CES classrooms weighed in at 45 pounds, filling to half-way the 55-gallon container in Hoop’s office.

The Chanute students began the pop tab fundraiser after hearing a presentation by a spokesperson from Ronald McDonald Charities in Kansas City. He told them about their mission, to provide affordable housing so families can remain close to their children who are patients at Children’s Mercy.

The money from recycling the pop tabs helps pay for some of the bills to run Ronald McDonald House, one boy on the leadership team said.

“It’s for a really good cause,” said fifth grader Macie Moore.

“To help kids that have severe problems,” Nelson Bumgarner added.

The students learned that they charge $10 a night for parents to stay at the Ronald McDonald House. The fee is suggested when people check in, but they only mention it once.

“They don’t make them pay if they don’t have the $10,” Rylee Smith Kearns said. They can stay for free.”

Unbelievable was the word spoken again and again, when the students made the rounds on the second Friday and collected 50 pounds of pop tabs from their classmates.

“I don’t think anybody really thought we’d fill that trash can,” Hoops said.

The students’ reward for collecting 25 pounds was that Hoops would kiss a pig. With 90 pounds of pops securing that promise, the students began discussing a higher goal and a broader reward.

They now have 90 pounds and have almost filled the barrel in Hoops office.

That’s when the group began discussing raising their goal and requesting promises from the other two principals at CES to also kiss a pig if they collected a total of 100,000 pop tabs.

“I think we if get our 100 pounds, all three principals could kiss the pig,” Rahley Holcomb suggested.

Though their challenge to the school’s other principals has not yet been accepted, the students are still encouraging donations and hope to exceed their 100-pound goal this Friday.

Hoops will then take the pop tabs to Gericke Iron and Metal for recycling and then send a check to Kansas City for the Ronald McDonald House.

Story by: Connie Woodard