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Kindness runs rampant around CES

Posted Date: 12/18/2017

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Kindness runs rampant around CES

       Around Chanute Elementary, teachers and students are focusing on intentional and random acts of kindness.

       Kindergarten students accepted 150 grocery sacks from G&W Foods. In their separate classrooms,

they used pencils and markers to create festive designs. The sacks will be used for the grocery store’s customers for the holidays.

       “We thought it may bring a smile to customer faces to get a sack that had been decorated by a kindergartner,” said kindergarten teacher Lindsey Peter.

       Judy McCready’s reading class decided to be Kindness Elves and surprise people around school in December. One day they handed out pencils to a first grade class and sang a song for them. They also sang to the school secretaries and read books to a class of kindergartners. Among future projects is making bird feeders.

       Rose Fox’s fifth graders want to get their fellow students involved in thinking about kindness and spreading it throughout the school. They placed strips of paper and a stapler at a station along the main school hallway. Students are invited to write down acts of kindness someone has done for them, or they have done for others, and attach their paper to a kindness chain on the wall.

      “Kids are adding to it every day,” Fox said. “It is over 60 feet long so far.

       Students have commented that this is a “great” project and one said, “I want to see it go all the way down this hall and the next."       

Story by: Connie Woodard