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Fifth graders lead heroic fundraising effort at CES

Posted Date: 12/01/2017

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Fifth graders lead heroic fundraising effort at CES

A super heroic effort led to more than $3,000 being raised by Chanute Elementary students to help people suffering from leukemia and lymphoma. The school’s leadership team of students kicked off the Pennies for Patients campaign and offered weekly incentives to classes who raised the most funds each week.

With help from the counting machines at Home Savings Bank, Assistant Principal Eric Hoops announced that the final tally of $3,014.05 will be sent to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society along with a short video from the leadership team.

The top fundraising class was Debra Bearden’s fourth graders who raised $266.19. For that honor they get to choose a principal to receive a pie in the face.

Since the school met its goal of raising more than $2,000, the two classes that raised the most money get a pizza party. That means the pizza goes to Bearden’s class and Elizabeth Leroy’s first graders, who brought in $205.37 in donations.

This campaign was an opportunity for members of the fifth grade leadership team to practice their leadership skills and learn the strategies of holding a successful fundraising campaign, Hoops said. Also, with a schoolwide emphasis on community service, this gave students the “opportunity to help many people who are less fortunate than themselves.”

Team members also came up with weekly rewards to keep their peers motivated towards reaching the fundraising goal. Extra recess time, lunch with a principal and having a principal perform the chicken dance, in costume, were some of their ideas.  

Each Friday the students collected the donations from each class and counted pennies during their weekly meeting with Hoops.

“I was very impressed with the amount of money that was donated each week,” he said, an amount that “exceeded my expectations.”

The leadership team was equally impressed.

“When the students gathered the classroom donations each week, they were all smiles. They were very impressed by the amount of money we raised,” Hoops said. 

Story by: Connie Woodard