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Mrs. Saddler and Mrs. Grady's Classes share in fundraiser for Adopt A Child making trail mix

Posted Date: 11/30/2017

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Third graders learn through economics lesson and community service


The trail mix production line is back in business this November. Creating a scrumptious trail mix for public sale is the result of an economics lesson that Heather Grady and Sara Saddler taught their third graders at Chanute Elementary School.

The process began with finding funds to get their business off the ground. Community National Bank loan officer Garrett Sharp visited the classes, talked with them about their business plan and agreed to loan them $100.

Through the process of creating their product, figuring their costs, deciding how to market their trail mix, and practicing good salesmanship, the students have learned about the law of supply and demand, costs and profit, as well as how to apply for loans and pay them off.

Last week, the students worked together to mix up their ingredients, package it in baggies and advertise the sale of their product at two Neosho County Community College basketball games, on Nov. 25 and Saturday, Dec. 2. They even created a video for Facebook that describes their trail mix as a combination of “sweet and salt to get your taste buds jumping.”

With only 30 bags left this week, production is underway to make more before the Dec. 2 game.

Cost is $1 per bag at the table set up outside the NCCC gymnasium, from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday.

This is the second year the teachers have used a trail mix business to teach economics to their students and give back to the community.  Last year the students used the money they raised to buy a park bench for the Sensory Park. This year, the students plan to use their profit to purchase gifts for two children they want to adopt for Christmas.

Story by: Connie Woodard