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CES Attendance Race

Posted Date: 09/26/2017

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The Race Is On!

The race is on. Chanute Elementary students are learning that it’s important to be at school every single day and the school principals have created a fun but challenging way to emphasize that.

The “Amazing Attendance Race” is depicted on a graph along the back stage wall in the school cafeteria, thanks to Ellie Call and Kelsy Carroll. Each class has a paper rocket ship that moves across the graph one space for every day the class has perfect attendance.

Each class’s rocket ship starts on the launch pad on the first school day of the month. If it reaches the end of the graph – with 16 out of 20 days with perfect attendance - their mission has been accomplished and they will be awarded a prize. This month the prize is an extra recess with the Principal.

The class with the highest rate of perfect attendance is awarded the traveling trophy and gets their photo posted on the Attendance Wall of Fame.

“We are encouraging all kids and teachers to be here every day,” said Assistant Principal Noel Shinkle. “Attendance seems to be going well and this is a positive way to bring students together as a class team and work towards a common goal.”

The teachers have stressed why it’s important to be in school, but that sometimes it’s necessary to be absent.  

“We talked about the importance of attendance so that students have the same opportunity to learn, said third grade teacher Alison Morris. “If you're sick, you should absolutely stay home. If you have an appointment or something, you need to go, but if you miss school otherwise, you might miss something important.”

Shinkle said the students are excited about the race and like to check the progress of their rockets.

“The kids are excited about moving our rocket each day,” said second grade teacher Lisa Ruark. “They make sure we don't forget to do it at lunchtime when we are right by the graph.”  

“They are definitely excited about the attendance race,” Morris added.” Every week it is one student's job to move the rocket after lunch if we have perfect attendance that day. That is a super fun job!

Story by: Connie Woodard