Adventures of a South Pole Pig

South Pole Pig

Click here for Audio recording Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 Vocabulary words:


To move (your head, chin etc.) up, down or to the side

As the barking died down, Flora tilted her head up at the pigpen roof.


Chapter 1 Trivia Question:

Who was born with ‘adventurous hooves’?



Click here for audio recording Chapter 2:

Chapter 2 vocabulary words:


The inner quality or nature of a person

Luna rubbed the side of her head against at board. “Curious? That’s a good quality. It shows you have spirit.


Chapter 2 Trivia Question

Who was “the white fur ball”?

Chapter 3 Audio recording:

Chapter 3 Vocabulary words:


Solid waste from farm animals that is used to make soil better for growing plants.

She dashed to the top of the manure pile, did a two legged walk,  then raced back down, barely managing to stop herself before banging her snout into the fence.

Chapter 3 Trivia Question:

What do the puppies get used to first in their training?

Chapter 4 Audio recording:

Chapter 4 Vocabulary words:


To strike at or hit something or someone in a wild and uncontrolled way

The rat’s long hose of a tail flailed against the ground, and for an instant he broke free.


Chapter 4 Trivia Question”

What was as big as Luna’s head?

Chapter 5 Audio Recording:

Chapter 5 Vocabulary Words:


Done in a way that involves a lot of attention and effort

Flora concentrated on making her tail twitch and hoped it was working even though she couldn’t see.


Chapter 5 Trivia Question:

What is Flora’s newly invented game called?

Chapter 6 & 7 Audio Recording:

Chapter 6 Vocabulary word:



An area of land or water

An explorer had to use all her senses to find her way in unfamiliar territory.


Chapter 6 Trivia Question:

What does an explorer have to use when in “unfamiliar territory”?

Chapter 7 Vocabulary word:


The area on the side of an animal between the ribs and the hip

In her story, Flora ran flank to flank with the pulling dogs, her hooves pounding the road as she matched her running companions step for galloping step.


Chapter 7 Trivia Question:

Who says, “You are the bravest pig ever”?

Chapter 8 & 9 Audio Recording:

Chapter 8 Vocabulary word:


move very quickly and suddenly in a particular direction

But when the farmer stepped out and returned with a stick, Mother and all her children surged into the new pen.


Chapter 8 Trivia question:

According to Luna’s tales, an octopus looks like...what?

Chapter 9 Vocabulary word:


A strong rough cloth that is used to make bags, tents, sails etc.

It sounded like hundreds of them, barking and whining from inside the back of the truck, which was covered by a stained, greasy canvas.


Chapter 9 Trivia Question:

Who was shoved into a “wood and wire crate?”


Chapter 10 Audio Recording: 

Chaptr 10 Vocabulary word:


To make a continuous low humming sound

The drone of the wheels made Flora sleepy.


Chapter 10 Trivia Question:

Roughly how many dogs were on the truck with Flora?

Chapter 11 & 12 Audio Recording:

Chapter 11 Vocabulary word:


Something that has a curved shape

Walking with it’s back arched, the cat stared into each cage as if seeking the insults and threats flying her way-as if they gave her power.


Chapter 11 Trivia Question:

Where is “the hold”?

Chapter 12 Vocabulary word:


Unable to think about or pay attention to something, unable to concentrate

Flora tried to think more positively, until a clatter distracted her.


Chapter 12 Trivia Question:

What type of cargo does Flora assume she is?


Chapter 13 & 14 Audio Recordings:

Chapter 13 Vocabulary word:


Cheerful and exciting; suited to a celebration or holiday

At the end of the line was the sled, brightly painted in a festive blue with white stars for decoration.

Chapter 13 Trivia Question:

Who ate Flora’s first meal?

Chapter 14 Vocabulary word:


To move in a large group

As soon as he did this, the army of rats swarmed over her food, snarling at one another as they cleaned out her bowl.

Chapter 14 Trivia Question:

What does the ship’s cook consider Flora to be?

Chapter 15 & 16 Audio Recordings:

Chapter 15 Vocabulary word:



A weak unsteady light

She just watched the tiny glimmers of light and remembered that night on the dock.

Chapter 15 Trivia Question:

How many bites of food could Flora eat before the rats moved in and ate her meals?

Chapter 16 Vocabulary word:


To move suddenly because you are afraid of being hit or hurt

Sophia flinched and hissed as a rat popped into view.

Chapter 16 Trivia Question:

Who is becoming hairier?




Chapter 17 Vocabulary word:



A strong excitement about something

The only difference was that each time she pounced with less enthusiasm so as to save her poor belly.


Chapter 17 Trivia Question:

Who says, “How’s my little ham bone doing, eh?”

Chapter 18 Vocabulary word:


To throw away something because it is useless or unwanted

She felt it connect and heard the rat king land with a soft clink on her discarded chain.


Chapter 18 Tivia Question:

Sophia and Flora drag the rat carcasses...where?